The Act

Jonglage mit Florian Müller-Reißmann


This amazing juggling act starts off with the appearance of a non-motivated, boring looking juggler in a suit called Hektor. Very quickly Hektor gets offered a sip of Colibri Cola which changes everything! Not only his frenzy juggling style but also his look.
The show is as funny as hell and technically on the highest level – the audience won't believe their eyes as they are shown tricks never seen before, involving up to seven balls!
Have a look on the trailer!

The Product: Colibri Cola



A modern, fast tempo, tv spot like driven performance of a six minute duration.  
Colibri Cola can be changed to your preferred inhouse, or even own, energy drink, so that Hektor will perform with this drink and boost its sales.

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   Florian Müller-Reißmann
   Köpenicker Straße 10 a
   10997 Berlin, Germany


  Mobile: +49 178 8786688